Bonsai Trees set, Vintage miniature Dollhouse 1/12

* Bonsai pots are fixed on Stand. (Pots and stand are not detached) It is good for display itself.
* It is more clear that not covering the Acrylic lid. Brush it carefully by attached brush sometimes.

* BMS 01~07 Size) 10 (W)×9.5(L) ×14.5(H) cm / 4(W)×3.7(L) ×5.7(H) inch
BMS 08 Size) 19.5(W)×6.5(L) ×19.7(H) cm / 7.7(W)×2.6(L) ×7.8(H) inch
BMS 09 Size) 23.5(W)×7(L) ×20.7(H) cm / 9.3(W)×2.8(L) ×8.1(H) inch
BMS 10~12 Size; 23(W)×13(L) ×15.5(H) cm / 9(W)×5.1(L) ×6.1(H) inch

 Bonsai_T01a  Bonsai_T02a  Bonsai_T03a  Bonsai_T04a
 Bonsai_T05a  Bonsai_T06a  Bonsai_T07e
 Bonsai_T08a  Bonsai_T08b  Bonsai_T08e  Bonsai_T08c
 Bonsai_T09a  Bonsai_T09b  Bonsai_T09c  Bonsai_T09e
 Bonsai_T010a  Bonsai_T011a  Bonsai_T012a  Bonsai_T010e
Date: July 29, 2016